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Kung Zhu Hamsters Stonewall - Compare Prices

Kung Zhu Special Forces Hamsters Stonewall

Kung Zhu Special Forces Hamsters StonewallThere’s no doubt about it, Stonewall is the wild card of the Special Forces Hamsters! He’s more fearless than Rivet and never hesitates to put himself in the craziest of situations. Stonewall cuts an impressive figure in jet black and blue, and his armour looks like something from outer space! He’s interactive with a unique personality and a range of his own phrases.

Stonewall is the hamster you can rely on in the midst of battle. He has absolutely no hesitation and is happiest when he’s fighting other Kung Zhu Hamsters in the Battle Arena. He’s the loudest of the Special Forces and madder than any other Zhu Zhu Pet. Put him in the Battle Arena against Thorn and prepare for a legendary meeting of 2 of the toughest and most determined hamsters in the Zhu-Niverse!

Stonewall is happiest when he’s doing something physically challenging. He likes battles and is especially fond of wrestling. Draughts and fiddly capes put him in a bad mood.

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Stonewall requires 2 x AAA batteries. Those included are for ‘try-me’ purposes only.

Suitable for children aged 4 and up, Kung Zhu Hamster Stonewall is available at around £9.99.