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Sergeant Serge

Kung Zhu Hamsters Sergeant Serge - Compare Prices

Kung Zhu Special Forces Hamsters Sergeant Serge

Kung Zhu Special Forces Hamsters Sergeant SergeReady to take his team into battle anytime, anywhere, Sergeant Serge is a brilliant second in command to Rivet. He’s interactive with a unique personality and a range of his own phrases.

If a mission isn’t going according to plan, Serge wants to know why, right now! He’ll pull out all the stops to make sure all the Special Forces Hamsters have a nice day. There are no excuses for not having a great one!

Sergeant Serge is an all-American soldier who loves nothing more than a good old slice of apple pie and some warm apple cider. He loves the Army so much he’s always in camouflage green. From his fur to his sturdy battle armour, Sergeant Serge is a lean, green, fighting machine!

Serge can’t stand a cloudy day, and hates to see empty swings. Never go swimming when you’ve just eaten apple pie! Serge loves order and has an allotted time for everything, including digestion.

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Sergeant Serge needs 2 x AAA batteries. Those included are for ‘try-me’ purposes only.

Suitable for children aged 4 and up, Kung Zhu Hamsters Sergeant Serge is available for around £9.99.