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Kung Zhu Hamsters Azer - Compare Prices

Kung Zhu Ninja Hamsters Azer

Kung Zhu Ninja Hamsters AzerThis Kung Zhu Hamster may look cute at first glance, but don’t be deceived! Azer is a clever and crafty martial arts master who will stop at nothing to bring about the end of the Zhu-Niverse! He’s interactive with a unique personality and a range of his own phrases.

Once a force for good, Azer started out in the Dragon Clan but left to join the Kung Zhu Ninjas. His tale of woe began when he went head-to-head with former best friend Rivet to win the rank of Lieutenant.

Azer lost the arena battle and was so ashamed he fled, leaving his old life behind him. Azer grew angry and created the dastardly Skull Clan. Together with the only other member, he’s hell bent on causing chaos and destroying harmony in the Zhu-Niverse. Only the Dragon Clan and Special Forces team can stop him in the Battle Arena.

Azer is the older brother of Dragon Clan member Drayko and the sibling rivalry is fierce! His arch-enemy is Sergeant Serge, who he dislikes with a passion! Get these 2 hamsters in the Battle Arena and sparks will fly! He also hates sunny days and ice-cream. Does this hamster like anything? He’s quite fond of baseball, his personal swords – the Katanas of Fire – and spoiled milk! This is one hamster who needs to lighten up!

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Requires 2 x AAA batteries. Those included are for ‘try-me’ purposes only.

Suitable for children aged 4 and up, Kung Zhu Hamster Azer is available for around £9.99.