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Battle Walker Black

Kung Zhu Battle Walker Black - Compare Prices

Kung Zhu Juggernaut Battle Walker Black

Juggernaut Battle Walker BlackCross a spaceship with a truck and you have the coolest battle vehicle in the Zhuniverse! The Kung Zhu Juggernaut Battle Walker Black is the ultimate in fighting machines. If you want your hamsters to have the upper hand, look no further.

This lean, mean fighting machine will strike terror into the hearts of all who stand in its way!

Tower above your enemies and unleash the Juggernaut’s awesome firepower if they attack. There’s no shortage of weaponry on this battle vehicle. You can’t miss the massive cannons on each side of the cockpit.

Nor can you ignore the two bright red missiles. There are also two small guns right at the front.

There’s room for one Kung Zhu Hamster inside the cockpit, which opens easily.

Suitable for ages 4 and up, the Black Juggernaut Battle Walker is available at around £19.99