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Kung Zhu Hamsters

Check stock & compare prices for Kung Zhu Hamsters, playsets, vehicles & armour.

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About Kung Zhu Pets Hamsters

The Zhu Zhu Hamsters were toyland’s top sellers in 2009. Now, they’re joined by a brand new breed of fearless and super cool friends - the Kung Zhu Hamsters! There are 2 sets to collect; the Ninja Hamsters and the Special Forces Hamsters. All come with their own playsets and accessories for training. Read all about the range, check stock, and compare prices to get the best possible deal right here.

The whole idea behind the Kung Zhus is to pit the different hamster factions against each other to discover which are the most fearsome warriors in the Zhu-Niverse! The Ninja Hamsters are cool, calm and collected masters of illusion with amazing martial arts abilities and super-stealthy skills. The Special Forces are always ready for duty with their tough battle armour. All have their own unique personalities and trademark phrases. Train them up into rough and tough Kung Zhu Warriors and host the ultimate showdown in the Battle Arena.

The best way to start your Kung Zhu collection is with one Ninja and one Special Forces hamster. Get armour sets for each, plus the battle arena and you’re ready to start having hamster battles! Buy from tried and trusted retailers, including: Amazon, Character,, and Toysrus.

The Battle Arena is the lynchpin of any Kung Zhu Pets collection. This is the hub of all the hamster action, the place where the hamsters go head-to-head and show off all their special moves. Anyone who remembers last year’s scramble to secure the Zhu Zhu hamsters will also be familiar with the difficulty of getting hold of them the closer it got to Christmas.

The Kung Zhu Battle Arena is tipped to be this year’s hard to find toy. You’ll need to get your skates on if you want to grab one in time for Christmas instead of leaving it until the last minute and paying above the recommended retail price.


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